Story of Kuusekas

Story of Kuusekas

Wednesday, evening pause! — Adventure is near.

Rushing to work? Hurrying to school? Nipping to the store? From Monday to Friday, from nine to five, with a composed face and a growing list of tasks waiting to be done? It's time to change gears and head to Kuutseka! No matter where you start, in just a couple of hours, the weekday drifts into the distant past, and endless school hours, training sessions, and meetings turn into real communal experiences.

Want to come alone? Come on! This is your time. Your adventure. Choose your pace. And feel how the adrenaline and fresh air bring clarity to your mind! And your family? Absolutely! Put the skis on your mother or grandfather, and soon you'll see how they rekindle the old good times! And friends too? Of course, invite them. Because if routine is prescribed for you in red ink, then what about them? Or simply unplug the office, put your colleagues on the bus, and remind them that there are no adventures to be had from looking out the window and counting pigeons!

Kuutseka is an adventure center where the mood rises with every descent!

Doubting? Does lounging in front of the TV on Sunday seem more comfortable? Or perhaps you're worried about falling when skiing? Kuutseka isn't some secret club for extreme athletes, where only those who do a somersault out of bed in the morning can get in. The currency here is the thirst for adventure! And remember, the longer you stay, the greater the thirst becomes!

Kuutseka — Fun afterwards.


Monday 22. July
24.9°C / 15.7°C
Tuesday 23. July
26.4°C / 15.3°C
Wednesday 24. July
25°C / 15.8°C