Spring 2021 will see the installation of a chairlift on the slope of Kuutsemäe.

EAS supports the project with two measures:

1. Kuutsemäe Leisure Center business model development (EU58597).

This project includes soil surveys, the creation of construction projects by Austrian and Estonian designers, and project expertise. The resulting documentation will be used to apply for a building permit.

Project cost: €25,000; grant: €20,000; own financing: €5,000.


2. Extreme Sports Ltd business model development project (EU59039).

As part of this project, a three-seat chairlift purchased earlier will be installed on the Kuutse slope. The lift has already been delivered to Kuutsemäe by October 2020. Construction work will begin in May 2021.

Project cost: €250,000; grant: €200,000; own financing: €50,000.

Both projects aim to offer visitors better and more comfortable conditions and significantly improve the opportunities for practicing winter sports in Estonia:

1. The chairlift will serve three slopes: the Kuutse ski slope, the Kasemetsa Snow Park, and a curved downhill ski trail through Lilleoru, also known as the Fun Park. Compared to the current anchor lift at the same location, the lift capacity will almost double to around 1,800 visitors per hour. Additionally, the lift will allow mountain sports enthusiasts to rest their legs during the ascent, enabling longer, more enjoyable, and safer days on the slopes.

2. Extend the ski season. Snow will be produced for the 2021/22 winter season starting next winter. This "summer snow" will be made on the northern Tinnijaagu slope, where it will last the longest. This will allow for a snow guarantee, ensuring that the skiing season begins every year in November, and winter sports can be practiced in Estonia for six months from November to April.

Without the chairlift, this would not be possible because the southern and more exposed slopes cannot store snow for the northern Tinnijaagu slope where "summer snow" is planned to be stored.

3. Summer use. In 2020, the Bike Park Kuutsemäe at the V-Munamägi center was successfully launched, and the planned chairlift will provide the opportunity to open a Bike Park in Kuutsemäe as well.

We are proud to have been honest taxpayers for decades and thank the Republic of Estonia and EAS for their trust and support!


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