Kuutseka resort Rental uses specialized equipment from ROSSIGNOL.

We offer a selection of 300 sets of equipment, ensuring that everyone can find gear that suits them. Our equipment choices cater to both beginners who are just getting acquainted with the sport and experts with higher demands. As a new product in the expert segment, we have the Rossignol HERO ELITE ST. We regularly maintain the rental equipment to ensure optimal performance, providing the best gliding experience and, most importantly, ensuring the safety of our customers.

Price list

1 tund
3 tundi
Skiing or snowboard set (without helmet)
12 €
22 €
29 €
Premium level skiing set (without helmet)
27 €
35 €
Skiing or snowboard set for children up to 12 years old (helmet not included)
9 €
15 €
19 €
4 €
6 €
8 €
Skis or snowboard
9 €
15 €
19 €
Premium level skis
21 €
27 €
Skiing or snowboard boots
6 €
8 €
10 €
Ski poles
3 €
4 €
5 €


Ski Set includes skis, ski poles, and ski boots.

Snowboard Set includes a snowboard and snowboard boots.

For safety, it is recommended to rent a helmet additionally.


Usually, you'll first be asked what equipment you want (snowboard or skis) and then your height, shoe size, and weight. Weight is especially important for ski rental, as the ski bindings are adjusted based on this information. A correctly adjusted binding should release the boot during a fall, while also ensuring the ski stays on during active skiing to prevent serious injuries.

Sizes of Ski and Snowboard Boots are measured in cm, i.e., the insole length is indicated in cm. Boots must fit exactly right for the rider, not too big or too small. To save time, it's good to know your insole length in cm (foot measurement from heel to the tip of the big toe). When trying boots and making a decision on which are suitable, all the boot's clasps or laces should be tightened; the boot should not pinch or wobble on the foot, otherwise, blisters can occur. We recommend using special ski socks, or in their absence, high-leg sports socks. Socks can also be purchased at the Kuutsemäe ski shop on site.

Length of Ski - a beginner's ski should reach to the rider's chin, until nose, ideally between chin and nose. The heavier you are or more experienced, the longer or stiffer ski you will need later. A shorter ski is nit easier for a beginner to perform initial exercises and progress in the learning process. A longer or stiffer ski is more stable for the experienced skier, depending on the riding style.

Length of Snowboard - the right snowboard should reach the rider's chin or be a fist shorter. If the board is too long, it becomes difficult to turn. With a too short board, there's a risk of high speed and uncontrollable riding, although this is less likely on Estonian slopes.

Kuutsemäe resort rental center is located at the top of the Beginners Slope, just past the holiday cottages when coming from the parking lot, and is open during the resort operating hours. For completing the rental contract, please bring a valid identity document!


Monday 22. July
24.9°C / 15.7°C
Tuesday 23. July
26.4°C / 15.3°C
Wednesday 24. July
25°C / 15.8°C